Spring Candy Collection

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This collection is built for grown-up palettes, mixing European imports with classic American candies. The textures run the gamut: smooth chocolate, soft marzipan, hard mints, and chewy nougat and licorice. Lots of chocolate, lots of citrus, and a few esoteric gems to round it out. Plus, it’s pretty!

Includes: Sweet & Salty Chuao bar, Dolfin Dark Chocolate with Candied Orange Peels, Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate Peppermint bar, Chocolate Truffle bar, Hammond’s Sea Side Caramel dark chocolate bar, two chocolate Limoncellos, C. Howards Lemon hard candies, French Almond and Pistachio Nougat, Les Anis de Flavigny Violet candies, Licorice Pastels, Fruit-Shaped Marzipan, French Lemon & Orange Hard Candies and box of Leone Cinnamon Hard Candies.