I Want That! Collection #1

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Sometimes when we're packing a customer's order, we'll see something we like about it and say: "This is a really great order." It's something about the way the items go together, or look together. Or maybe this customer has picked out a whole bunch of our favorites. When one of these assortments particularly catches our eye, we will make a temporary collection in honor of that customer, put it on sale, and give the customer the entire price of their order in store credit. I know. Cool, right?

This customer's selection has something for everyone: some good solid cherry flavors, one of our favorite bars (the Inca Crunch), Better Than Brittle (a top crowd pleaser), plus Italian chocolates filled with limoncello liqueur cream, Coffee Crisp bars, and Clove Gum for a little retro flavor. Also, it looks fantastic.