Caramel Delites Girl Scout Cookies

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Yes, we're selling Caramel Delites Girl Scout Cookies on our site. Want the story?

You see, our daughter, Charlotte, has been loving selling her Girl Scout cookies. She's got a little bit of the old entrepeneur spirit in her, dontcha know. Anyway, each year, she sells more and more and ends up needing to reorder mid-season, and still sells out. She puts up a little table in front of our store and, man, they sell like ice cold lemonade on a hot day. Except they're not ice cold. And it doesn't matter what the temperature is.

SO. This year, she ordered more. A LOT more. We were pretty sure we'd sell them all, no worries. First day she went out there, she sold a whole bunch. It was a good day of sales. But we still had a lot to sell, so she planned another day.

But..that day ended up being a busy day for mom and dad, so we postponed. Nothing to worry about, right? There's always _next_week.

Next week rolls around, and it was just around that time people were starting to get nervous about COVID-19. So we said, maybe it's not a good idea (But this was _before_ anyone realized that what this meant was we'd all be shut up in our homes for the next month or two or three. I know--really crap timing!).

So then all Corona-heck breaks loose and we do what everyone else does, we slowly realize life is changing dramatically for the next good long while. And after a day or two of that, we have another realization--Oh boy, there is no WAY we're ever going to sell all those cookies.

Unless we get smart and put them up on our website.

So, please. While you're shopping for cool candy and chocolate treats, buy some Girl Scout cookies, too. Charlotte thanks you.