Gummy Bears, 200g

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These may not be the bears you're looking for. Let me explain.

Haribo makes two varieties of their gummy bears--one for Europeans and one for Americans. Both are good and they are almost indistinguishable from one another. The American version (the one you'll find most places) is soft and delicious, and manufactured in Turkey. We sell these in our Bagged Candy section and by the pound.

The bears you're looking at right here are made in Germany. They are a little chewier. The flavors are slightly different. They're sweetened with sugar instead of corn syrup, and they use no artificial flavors or colors. Some gummy aficionados swear by these and are willing to pay extra for them (as we do, to get them here). Others are just fine with the American ones. Take your pick.

Funny story (or maybe it's just a story) about where I found out about this key difference in Haribo gummy bears..

When I was in the planning phase of opening the candy store, I was at my bank (Shout out to El Dorado Savings Bank--Hi, Keith!), and one of the tellers said, "You're going to have the right kind of gummy bears, right?" I said, "You mean, Haribo?" And she said, "Not just Haribo. GERMAN Haribo." And she explained the whole thing I shared up above. And now here we are, carrying both kinds, thanks to that precious bit of shared knowledge. Candy nerds of the world, unite!