Kinder Joy Egg

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Sweet treat--with a toy. (Note: These are not "Surprise Eggs" where the toy is completely hidden inside a chocolate egg. Those aren't allowed to be imported into the US. I know! Ridiculous! Scroll down for the full story about this). These US-approved Kinder Joy eggs still feature scrumptious German chocolate and a kitschy teeny tiny toy to assemble. One half contains the forementioned toy, while the other half holds two crunchy chocolate cookies floating in soft vanilla cream with a layer of milk chocolate on the bottom--and it comes with a little spoon to make for a complete mini-dessert experience.


Okay, so why are "Surprise" eggs banned in the US? Depends who you ask.
Common culture says it's a choking hazard. More official channels report that having a toy (or non-food item) _inside_ a food item goes against a law from the 50's around food safety. Candy conspiracy theorists (like myself) think that the big three chocolate companies (who we won't name here, but they rhyme with Mershey, Festle, and Tars) use this obscure law to actively lobby to keep the Kinder Surprise Eggs out of the US market where they would obviously make a large dent in everyone else's Easter sales. Sad, right? But do what I do: whenever you're traveling in any other country besides the US, buy some--they're everywhere. Open them up, and enjoy them while you're abroad. BUT, don't try to bring them back wrapped. I know it sounds silly, but there are some reports of Surprise Eggs being confiscated at customs!