About us

Andy is always on the lookout for great candy

Yes, Andy is a real guy. And he LOVES candy. As a kid he spent his pocket money buying Twizzlers and 5th Avenue bars. He's evolved a bit since then. In 2013 he built a truly excellent collection of great candy, from beautifully crafted chocolate bonbons and confections by local candymakers, to retro American favorites, to unusual imports from Italy, France, Great Britain, Japan, and many other countries. And then...Covid-19 hit our shores and everything changed in Downtown Sacramento. As a result, Andy's Candy had to close its doors in August 2020.

We hope and plan to reopen our store in a different Sacramento location when the world has stabilized, hopefully in 2021. When that happens, we can't want for you to come visit and discover why Sacramentans fell in love with Andy's Candy. You will too...promise!
Our Team