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It’s all about the candy.

Andy’s Candy Apothecary carries hundreds of fine and unusual candies from near and far. Andy is constantly researching, sampling, and sorting through today’s enormous candy market to find the best, from locally made artisan candies to our wide array of gummies, hard candies, sour candies, licorice and more from across the USA and world.

Like a fine wine or cheese shop, we take pride in our carefully curated selection. Andy tastes and buys every candy himself. He’s no snob, but he is picky. (Still, everyone has their own tastes, which is why we will always replace or refund you for any candy you buy from us that does not suit your tastebuds.)

Andy’s Select: Only the best.

There are plenty of good mass-produced candies in the world—we carry loads of them!—but Andy has a special place in his heart for candy that’s handmade in small batches using artisan techniques and top-quality ingredients. On our website and packaging, we refer to such candies as “Andy’s Select” items to let you know you can expect from them the highest standards of quality and taste.


Locally Made. World-class quality.

Many of our favorites are made right in our own backyard. We feature premium chocolate bonbons and other items from the following fine chocolatiers and candy-makers. Our selection evolves from week to week, based on availability and whims of the candy-makers. Supplies are always limited, so come early and often!

Puur Chocolat in Sacramento

Barlovento Chocolates in Oakland

Casa de Chocolates in Berkeley

Michael Mischer Chocolates in Oakland

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates in Sacramento

Charles Chocolates in San Francisco

Better Than Brittle in Sacramento

Margie G Rock Toffee in El Dorado Hills

And when it’s warm (April-September)…

Fat Face in Davis

Devine Gelateria in Sacramento

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