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Andy is a lifelong candy lover.

As a child, Andy spent most of his allowance and paper-route money at the local drugstore, buying candy bars, penny candy, and the occasional comic book. Back then, Andy didn’t mind the junky stuff, but now he has a new philosophy: Candy is a treat. It should taste great, look great, and be truly special every time you eat it.

The candy market is enormous and sadly, also full of cheap products that just taste bad. Not to worry: Andy is passionate about finding the good stuff for you. Did you know that some Swedish fish are better than others? It’s true! And sorry, but not all candy bars are created equal. Andy searches high and low, finds the candies that are truly tasty, and puts it all together in one terrific little shop so you can buy with confidence. If you ever buy candy at Andy’s and are not satisfied for any reason, we will gladly refund your money or find you a different item that makes you happy.

How it all began…

Andy’s dream of owning a candy shop came true when he won Sacramento’s first ever “Calling All Dreamers” competition. Along with 50 other hopefuls, Andy and his wife Camille submitted their business plan to the Downtown Sacramento Partnership Foundation for a chance at $135,000 worth of business services, rent costs, and construction costs. They won, and it was the kick in the pants that Andy needed to make his dream a reality. Andy’s Candy Apothecary opened its doors on Lucky Friday the 13th in December of 2013. Today, Andy’s Candy is a thriving small business with a wonderful staff of hard-working, fun-loving candy slingers.

How it all started:
Andy’s adorkable concept video

Andy’s Candy Apothecary named
first-ever winner of Sacramento’s
Calling All Dreamers competition

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